Boardgame Figurines

Tuesday, 21 April 2009
As a follow-up to our previous post on some unknown figurines, we've tracked down the boardgame, thanks to our readers.



Developed in Sweden in 1985, it was released by Games Workshop in 1987 and is currently out of production. Check out this Wikipedia article on the fantasy boardgame.


Expansion sets and more figurines were created to extend gameplay, BoardGameGeek has a great listing on it with plenty of interesting images of painted and unpainted miniatures.

I've found a few more photos on Flickr featuring painted versions of the characters, including the one embedded below.

This Land is Our Land

I'd love to find the time to finish painting these miniatures and will keep you posted with progress pics once I do.




Flawedprefect said...

Wow. I am loving the close up photography of these figurines.

Daniel de Lafoix said...

Thanks Paul, and there's plenty more to come - Warhammer, Mutant Chronicles Warzone, HeroQuest, Battle Masters, etc. Even some Chronopia at some point.

There's also a bit of footage too that I've been meaning to cut together. We'll get there eventually....

Andrew said...

Wow, that cover art is nice and 80s! The figures do have a nice charm to them. I like the meatl effect you did on the axe!

Daniel de Lafoix said...

Thanks Andrew, this proved to be a popular post. Have had a few emails re: these figurines. Seems like there's a bit of interest out there with "retro" miniatures.

I'll have to post up some more photos of painted ones soon.

Haha, you can't beat 80's art. I love the D&D stuff you see in comic books around that time.

Axe wasn't too difficult, give it a try. From memory, something like: Black undercoat -> Boltgun metal drybrush -> Brown ink-wash, dip once in the ink and then thin it a little with a quick dip in some clean water -> let it dry -> dry-brush some more Boltgun metal and then a soft final touch-up with a light metal shade (eg. Mithril or something like that). Keep it subtle.

Thanks for posting.

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