Thursday, 26 March 2009
Welcome to!

We've been kicking around the idea for this blog for quite some time. Finally it's here and we're looking forward to sharing our experiences with you. We'll experiment, test-run techniques and materials, plus review products and miniatures in general.

I've been inspired by the blogging success of a friend and colleague in the digital media industry to kick-start On that note, if you're into 3D and sci-fi and are after some serious inspiration and great tutorials, check out Paul's blog at The Process Diary.

While I have a personal preference for painting Fantasy and Mediaeval/Historical miniatures and creating terrain, I'm also a big Sci-Fi buff and will try to deliver content applicable to painters for that genre.

I'm not here to judge anyone's style or technique. Heck, I'm self-taught so I'm sure there's plenty things I do that can be achieved with easier, more economical methods. If you know of any, post a comment or contact me and I'll give it a test-run and blog the results.

I'd really like to see grow and develop into a resource hub with video footage, slide shows and tutorials. Feel free to contact me via with thoughts, opinions and tips.

You can look forward to some upcoming reviews on materials I've been using lately. Everything from paint brushes (Sable hair -vs- Taklon synthetics) to brands of lichen, lacquer, palettes and more.

Keep an eye out for interviews with featured artists from around the world, showcasing some of their work and discussing technique. I feel wargamers can learn a lot from experienced terrain-builders in the film industry or in model train-set construction. So I'm keen to bring across tips and tricks from featured artists in those areas and apply them to historical and fantasy scenarios.

I'm currently working on a series of Warhammer High Elves for a private commission and will be taking you through the process from time to time. I'd like to work on some Ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan warriors before trying Celts and other similar peoples. I have a full-time job running a design studio in Sydney, so forgive me if my own personal projects take a while to kick-start. I've got an old set of Battle Masters (anyone remember that?) that I'd like to finish painting up one of these days ... not to mention HeroQuest ... plus I'd really love to attempt grafting some figurines together to make key characters from The Ancestral Trail at some point ... for some 90's nostalgia.

With some great pieces of polystyrene in storage, there'll be dungeons, citadels and ruins with plenty of great terrain and water effects to keep this blog occupied throughout the year.

So whether you're an amateur or seasoned painter, into fantasy-adventure miniatures or model train sets and terrain-building, welcome aboard, subscribe to this blog and spread the word. I'm looking forward to engaging many of you through, learning some new tricks and passing on what I've experienced.

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